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Caloundra Fishing Charters – Create your own great memory

Book with Caloundra Fishing Charters and experience the best fishing charter with your family and friends on the Sunshine Coast. This tidy coastal town is home to a number of bountiful beaches and amazing reefs, as well as a large array of salt and freshwater fish.

Whether you’re a newbie with the fishing rod or a veteran angler, there’s plenty of excitement to be had with Caloundra Fishing Charters (aka Odyssey Charters), and not to mention a wide variety of fish to be caught in the rich coastal waters and great reefs around Caloundra.

What fish could you catch with Caloundra Fishing Charters?

If you’re an ace angler, you may prefer larger and more exotic catches like emperors, pink snapper, longtail tuna, and mackerel. In that case, you can travel a few kilometers offshore in your chartered boat to the offshore reefs near Bribie island and the shipping channel where there’s plenty of large reef fish as well as other bottom feeders like cobia and amberjack.

If you’re fishing in the spring, don’t miss out on a good number of thick flatheads swimming around the mouth of Pumicestone Passage, especially the run-out tides around the weed beds. Some of the weed beds in the area also house a ton of bream and whiting so make sure to pack some good surface lures if you’re heading out there!

The drop-offs and weed beds in and around Golden Beach are also a great place to catch flathead, bream, and whiting. Brightly colored, hard-bodied lures are a good choice if you want to get those flatheads. For breams, make use of some good surface lures during the summer, especially after a nice rain shower when the bream are just eager to smash on your surface lures without hesitation.

caloundra fishing chartersThe beaches near Caloundra

Kings Beach can allow access to deeper waters if the weather is calm enough. It can be a bit craggy but you can get a good number of bream here, as well as the occasional squire.

If you prefer to go fishing in the winter, the rocky structures around Dicky Beach are a refuge to schools of mullet, which jewfish love to prey on! Cast your line around this area using live or strip mullets as bait. Shallow diving lures are also a good option. Expect to catch jewfish and tailor during the winter. Bream, whiting, and dartfish are also available in this area year-round.

Moffat and Shelly Beach also provide good hunting grounds for predatory fishes. You can find jewfish and tailor around this area too, especially during the winter and even all the way to spring. Strip and live baits work well. Poppers and metal slugs are a good option if you’re targeting tailors. Diving minnows work best for jewfishes.

Want more fishing advice?

Here at Odyssey Charters, you’ll have everything you need to go on your next fishing excursion. Journey to the inner and outer reefs in our fully-equipped vessel. We can personalize your experience depending on your needs. You may only want a half-day experience. We can cater for that and take you to the best fishing spots Caloundra has to offer.

The 12-mile reef near Caloundra hosts an array of fish species and provides fishermen with an abundant catch year-round.

In the winter you’ll see snapper, pearl perch, and some red Emporer. In summer, the ocean boils up with pelagic sports fish like mackerel, cobia, tuna, and even marlin.

If you want a memorable fishing trip with your friends and family, our crew will make it possible. On the Sunshine Coast, fishing charters are in demand all year round.

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