Fishing Techniques
Fishing Techniques

Fishing Techniques from a Pro Fisherman

Onboard Odyssey Charters on the Sunshine Coast we use a variety of fishing techniques from bottom bouncing, float lining, and trolling. For these methods, we use live baits and fresh local squid and pilchards.

The Sunshine Coast has two main seasons being winter and summer. Through the winter months, your catches could include Snapper, Pearl Perch, Rosie Job Fish, Morwong, Yellow Tail King Fish, Amberjack, School Mackerel, Red Throat Emperor, and Cobia.

Mooloolaba Fishing Techniques for Offshore Fishing

The right fishing techniques bring good fishMooloolah River has a fairly good entry point into the offshore fishing waters off the coast. The coastal bar is dredged regularly but it is still best crossed on a full tide. As you exit the breakwater, steer left in a broad arc before turning right and heading offshore. On a good day, you only have to travel 10 minutes to catch fish. At the end of Point Cartright, you’ll find the ‘nursery’, a favourite spot for smaller reef fish.

The Gneerings Shoals extend east 25nm, anglers can expect good top water pelagic fishing in Summer. Winter has calmer sea conditions and often delivers Emperor, Pink Snapper, Cobia, Mulloway, Pearlies, and Kingfish. In the Shipping Channel, you might find larger gamefish, so get your fishing techniques right.

Inner Gneerings Shoal

Approximately 6 to 7km offshore from Mooloolaba, you’ll find the Inner Gneerings Shoals. The water depth ranges from 5m deep with drop-offs into 30m deep waters. There are good bottom fishing spots around here in Winter for Snapper and Coral Trout. Throughout the year Cobia, Mulloway, and reef fish are all caught. Over summer Pelagics like Slimy and Spanish Mackerel are caught while trolling of flicking metal slugs.

Outer Gneerings Shoal

Approximately 8km offshore, the outer Gneerings Shoals have many options for reef fishing. The waters produce Pink Snapper, Cobia, Emperor, Kingfish, and some larger pelagic species.

From October to Masrch, look out for Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, Red Throat Emperor, Coral Trout, Spanish Mackerel, and Black Marlin. Our team understands what rigs and techniques attract our local fishing stocks. Ask a team member on board Odyssey Charters if you have any questions.