Maroochydore Fishing Charter – Our Experience
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Maroochydore Fishing Charter

Whether you are a novice fisherman or an expert angler, we have a few tips to ensure you have a great day out on a Maroochydore Fishing Charter with Odyssey Charters and catch some big fish!


There is a technique to baiting your hook. For novices, the team will teach you how to get the bait on your hook. Use one piece of bait per hook. Don’t overload your hook and make sure the bait is secured on the hook. You don’t want the bait to drop off the second you drop the line in. When you join our Offshore Maroochydore Fishing Charter, our deckhand will assist you.


Hold the line at the sinker and slowly drop over the side into the water. Release the reel to allow the line to drop further into the water. Use your thumb to keep pressure on the line so you don’t rapidly lose everything off the reel into the ocean. Once you have dropped your line, you can start to bring the it back up and feel for any tension to know when you get a bite. We use trusted Shimano Fishing gear.

Maroochydore Fishing CharterFEELING A BITE

Once you’ve got tension on the line, you’ll need to keep a close watch on your rod. When you get a good tapping on the tip of the rod, it means you’ve got a nibble. Pull your rod up in a sharp upward motion and if you feel some pull, begin to reel in. If you lose the tension, put the line back in and wait to see if the fish comes back to take another bite of your bait.


Fish on! Bring the rod sharply up and begin to reel in. If the fish is large or fighting hard, use the rod to assist you. Lift the rod, reel in the line while letting your rod tip back below the horizontal position. Continue this process until your catch is visible at the water surface. The crew on the charter will help you bring your catch on board.


Sometimes that bite might just be your hook stuck to the bottom of the ocean floor or stuck in heavy seaweed or sea debris. Don’t pull the rod and reel like you are catching a fish. You may end up snapping a line or worse, the rod, which can be dangerous. If you are snagged, call one of the crew over to give you a hand.


You’ve caught your fish and you’ve got the adrenaline pumping but do not attempt to unhook your fish without the assistance of one of the crew. Some fish have spikes or barbs that cause you harm. If you are not careful, the fish will hook you! Celebrate your catch with your fellow fishermen and let us take care of removing the hook.


When you are not fishing secure your rod safely by wrapping the sinker around the reel couple of times. Ensure hooks are not open and exposed to others to get caught on.

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