Mooloolaba Fishing Charters
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Mooloolaba Fishing Charters

Did you know that Odyssey Charters offer the best Mooloolaba Fishing Charters, according to local booking agents.

Once you’ve booked your fishing charter in Mooloolaba it’s time to get excited. I recently chose a Mooloolaba Fishing Charter tour with Odyssey Charters and met Adam Austin, the skipper. He offered a great day out for my partner and me. We were both novice fisherman and not a veteran of the seas. So, what should you expect on the day of your fishing charter?


The old saying goes “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. To get the most out of your fishing charter, be prepared. Before the day Adam will check things like the weather conditions, fuel, boat safety, and fishing tackle. Your departure time will be confirmed the night before departure by the team from Odyssey Charters.

On the day, get to the boat early. Once the boat has left, you can’t get on and don’t want to run late and miss out on those fish!

Make sure you dress for the weather. Bring a waterproof backpack with sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, spray jacket, water bottle, and towel. Wearing light-colored clothing is recommended as it reflects the sun and keeps you cool. We recommend good, non-slip rubber-soled shoes. The boat will get wet and slippery so good footwear is important. If you are prone to travel sickness, have Travacalm or Kwell tablets handy. Another tip for seasickness is ginger, so bring a ginger beer to sip on to help with seasickness.

mooloolaba fishing chartersLISTEN TO THE CREW

The Captain and crew are there to make sure you have the best time and to catch fish. They have knowledge of the sea, the best fishing spots and what to do if you do land a big one. It’s important to listen to their instructions. Their number one priority is to keep you safe while out at sea.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions as well. The Captain and crew are more than happy to impart their knowledge and make sure you have the best experience out there.


While the boat crew knows some of the best spots, that doesn’t mean you’ll be hooking in fish the moment you drop a line. You may have to wait it out or try a few different areas before getting a nibble. Fishing is a patient man’s game. There is also no guarantee of catching a fish, despite all the best efforts of the Captain and crew to ensure you do. Some days the fish just don’t bite.


There are some great fish to catch when you go out on an Odyssey Charter. Some of the fish our customers have caught have been Snapper, Red Emperor, Perch, Mackerel, and Tuna. What you will catch will depend on the season.


You’re there to have fun and catch a few fish. Bring a good attitude and you’ll have a good day out there. Be respectful to your fellow fishermen and to the team onboard. Our goal is to ensure you have a good day on the water and get your fish on. Odyssey Charters are looking forward to helping you haul the fish of a lifetime. To book your spot on one of our charters contact the team today or book online.