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Odyssey Charters are wholly owned and run by a local family with over 50 years experience in charter boat and fishing operations. Skipper, Adam is a seasoned Sunshine Coast Fishing Charter skipper that know the reef systems intimately and he actively seeks out the best fishing opportunities for his clients on board.

The team at Odyssey Charters are attentive to their clients needs at all times. From the time you call the office to make a booking to the time you leave the dock, your experience with Odyssey Charters will be above your expectations.

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Boat Information

We have improved our vessel to cope with the growing influx of tourists to the Sunshine Coast. Our boat is moored at Mooloolaba, and capable of reaching the inner and outer reefs with ease.

The boat was built on the Sunshine Coast and initially used as a police and marine rescue boat. Our 31ft boat is 3.2 metres wide with a top speed of 30knts. The boat carries a Go Pro camera to capture your days fishing!

Boat Specs

Tackle Inventory

Let’s face it. Your only as good as the tackle you carry as a charter boat operator. Our rods, reels, line and terminal tackle are highly specified. We test the tackle and maintain the rods and reels before we leave the dock to ensure it’s ready to use the moment we drop anchor. Our Sunshine Coast Fishing Charter uses top tackle.

Primarily we use Shimano overhead reels. Our main line is 30 lb and our leader is 60 lb. We have landing nets and gaffs on board for larger fish. If you require a new rig, our experienced deckhands will assist you.

Tackle Specifications

Fishing Locations

It’s a common misnomer that you have to travel miles offshore to get the best fish. Time and time again our inshore locations have produced excellent table fish. Our Sunshine Coast Fishing Charter locations have been plotted to ensure you catch fish on your journey.

The Sunshine Coast is home to inner and outer reef systems. Approximately 40 miles offshore there is a trench where blue marlin are found and reef systems that produce a wide variety of quality reef fish. The trench drops past 100 metres. Inshore you will find coffee rock grounds where reef fish hole up ready to strike unsuspecting live bait.

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About Mooloolaba

A Mooloolaba holiday is a waking dream to be shared by your whole family. You can step out of your accommodation and onto the pure white sand of Mooloolaba Beach within two minutes, or cycle up the road to Mooloolaba Spit for calm, sheltered swimming and excellent seafood cafes.

Be seen at the scene when you shop and dine along Mooloolaba’s glamorous beachfront esplanade full of outdoor cafes, juice bars, alfresco restaurants, and fashion boutiques. With attractions like the exciting UnderWater World and the marina, as well as some of the Sunshine Coast’s best dining, there is non-stop entertainment available for any age.

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Your Skippers

Adam Austin (Skipper/Owner)

Master Class 5, Coxswain, Marine Engineer Grade 3 and 2 elements of ship board safety. First aid/Master Fishermans licence/seafood handling.

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Why Choose Us

Quick Boats with Longer Fishing Times
Less travel and more hook ups mean happier customers and that’s why we lead the pack.
Local experience
We have an intimate knowledge of the reef system, species location, and are fishing champions in our own right.
All inclusive packages
Bring your sunglasses, a camera, sunscreen and a sense of adventure. We’ll handle the food, drink, tackle and get you some fish.
We cater for ladies too
We love having ladies onboard our vessels. According to old sea myths they bring us good luck.


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