What is the Best Fishing Charter on the Sunshine Coast?
What is the Best Fishing Charter on the Sunshine Coast?

What is the Best Fishing Charter on the Sunshine Coast?

Going on your first fishing charter is exciting, and we have the Best Fishing Charter on the Sunshine Coast. Why is it the best fishing charter? We have a knowledgeable team, a fast charter boat, and the best fishing gear available, plus we make sure you’ll have the best day out on an Odyssey Charters trip.

When it comes to what you should bring, we have a few suggestions for you.

what to wear on the best fishing charter sunshine coastWHAT TO WEAR

When I recently joined one of Odyssey Charters trips, I found myself open to the elements for most of the day, so I suggest you prepare for all kinds of conditions. Check the weather before the day to know what will be appropriate. There is a good chance you will get a bit wet throughout the day so make sure your clothing is suitable. I suggest light coloured clothing as this reflects the sun and keeps you cool. Wear good, non-slip, rubber-soled shoes and not thongs on board the vessel. The deck will get wet and slippery and we’d hate to see someone topple over because they wore the wrong shoes!

Bring a good fitting hat that won’t blow off in the wind when the boat is moving. Wide brim hats give better protection from the sun but any cap will do. Bring a pair of sunglasses. The sun will glare off the surface of the water and will hurt your eyes. Polarised sunnies are the best for fishing as these lenses allow you to see through into the water and the fish you are about to catch.

Also, be prepared for cooler or inclement weather. Bring a spray jacket or a water-resistant coat if the weather does turn cool.


Be sun smart and bring along sunscreen and apply it every two hours. Even on cloudy days, the UV is still high and the risk of sunburn is still there.

It’s a good idea to bring a towel with you too. You will get damp from sea spray and you’ll likely get a bit wet reeling in those fish, especially a big Snapper or Mackerel.

I brought a waterproof backpack to keep my belongings dry in case of sea-spray.

Finally, if you are prone to suffer from motion sickness, consider taking sea sickness tablets before you jump board.

The last you want is to be curled up in the corner sick all day and miss out on the fish.


No. Odyssey Charters will provide all your fishing gear. We proudly use Abu Garcia, Berkley, and Shimano.


All our charters will supply food and drinks but you’re welcome to bring a water bottle with you. Let us know of any dietary requirements and we will try to accommodate. I don’t recommend mixing alcohol and charter boat fishing.

At Odyssey Charters, we want to make sure you have the best day out on the water. Book one of our charters online today and fish on!